A collection of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS demos by @ashesid.

Texturise (6 demos)

A jQuery library for generating random texutres. Includes textures such as clouds, fire, marble and more.

Mutating JS (WIP)

Create a set of entities. Mutate them. Select for the fittest. Repeat for multiple generations. See what happens.

3.js demo

My first play with 3.js. A skybox and rotating Ashes Corp logo (WIP)

Keyhole Technologies (WIP)

A set of test JavaScript pages I wrote back at the start of 2014 when I was playing around with the new(ish) getUserMedia() function. Somethings work, some don't, none are finished.

JS1k 2013 (Spring)

My first attempts at JS1k. The Mars landscape uses the Random Coloured Texture as a heightmap. In hindsight it's a complex (character heavy) way of generating the map, but was happy with the end effect.

JS1k 2014 (Here be dragons)

Pretty happy with this entry. It's got a coherent theme, a nice colour scheme and some technically difficult bits (the dragon image alone was over 1k).

JS1k 2015 (Hype Train)

I had two ideas for an effect (circle land and colour wheel). Neither turned out how I thought they would but the pulsating colour effect looks pretty good. Managed to fit a train theme in there for the final entry but ran out of time. I still had 288 bytes left which I could have fitted more into.

JS1k 2016 (eleMental)

A little rushed but using simple radial gradients, lines and triangles to create a coherent picture.

JS1k 2017 (Magic)

Happy with this. The hat looks good and it has a good flow to it.


Tramping website (early 2014, playing around with css transitions and effects)

Non local physics demo

Demonstraion of non-local entities (circles)

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